About Us

Magnetic Pictures is a multi-award-winning New Zealand independent production house specialising in high quality factual programming with a social and environmental focus. Our work is distributed around the globe.

We are a proudly multi-cultural and diverse team dedicated to creating exceptional content that is visually captivating with storytelling that moves people, challenges them, takes them on a journey, and entertains. We love what we do.

Magnetic Pictures is an experienced and industry trusted production partner of prime time programming that resonates with audiences. We are passionate about creative collaborations, developing new and exciting concepts with emerging and existing content makers, and nurturing successful and ongoing commercial partnerships.

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Juanita Edwards

Co-Founder and Producer

Juanita is an experienced director and producer with a successful history of writing, developing and producing original, award-winning concepts. Juanita specialises in commercial partnerships.

Juanita is a member of WIFT and a judge for the NZTV Awards.


Brian Holland

Co-Founder and Producer

Brian’s experience includes sixteen years as a Producer and Head of Development, twelve years programming for TVNZ and five years motion picture marketing for Warner Bros, Disney and Roadshow.

Brian is a judge for the NZTV Awards.

Our Environmental Impact & Responsibility

Magnetic Pictures believe in protecting our special planet too and we work hard to continuously adapt our practise both in the production office and while filming on location to provide the least environmental impact. We seek out and choose to use environmental friendly products, we work hard to reduce carbon emissions and to reduce or eliminate waste completely in the office and on location.

As producers, we believe in practising corporate responsibility through demonstrating leadership in labour and social relations, human rights, good governance and transparency.

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